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October 7, 2014

Peakecast Episode Nine

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Welcome to Episode Nine of the PeakeCast, the Thomas Peake memorial podcast. This time, we have a mixtape from Thomas’s killer cassette collection, containing a variety of 7-inch singles. Pictured here is the cassette label, in Thomas’s handwriting:

80 1/2" Insert

As you can see, it contains a mix of music styles, from the weirdo rock of Mecca Normal, Daniel Johnston and Half Japanese on Side A, to the straight ahead punk rock of Neon Christ, the Didjits and Jawbreaker on Side B (full playlist is transcribed below). We don’t know if these were singles that Thomas owned, or if he was taking advantage of at WREK’s studios, but clearly by putting them on tape he was able to enjoy them more often, and now we can too! A complete listing of the artists and songs can be found below.

We’re posting this in early October, in recognition of Thomas’s birthday, and we have a couple more episodes on deck for later this month, including a 1996 interview with the members of the Rock-A-Teens. Enjoy!

Mecca Normal – Strong White Male
Mecca Normal – More More More
Mecca Normal – Man Thinks Woman
Mecca Normal – Forlorn
Mecca Normal – He Didn’t Say
Kevin Dunn – Nadine
Kevin Dunn – Oktyabrina
Half Japanese – Something New In The Ring
Great Plains – Cave In
Daniel Johnston – Casper The Friendly Ghost
Mofungo – Voting Is For Suckers
Galaxie 500 – Oblivious
The Dave – Three Coins In A Fountain*
The Dave – Fair Queen Cadence*
The Jody Grind – Senor Don Gatos*
Dairy Queen Empire – Untitled (Rubber Dolly)*
(* from Lowlife #16 compilation)
Sister Ray – Psychosis
Sister Ray – Bathroom Blues
Neon Christ – Draft Song
Neon Christ – Winding / Bad Influence
Neon Christ – Neon Christ
Neon Christ – Parental Suppression
Neon Christ – Doom
Neon Christ – After
Neon Christ – It’s Mine
Neon Christ – The Knife That Cuts So Deep
Neon Christ – Ashes To Ashes
Neon Christ – Blind Patriot
Neon Christ – The Death They’ll Give You
Didjits – 1 Dead Hippy
Didjits – Goodbye Mr. Policeman
Mr. T Experience – So Long, Sucker
Mr. T Experience – Zero
Egg Hunt – We All Fall Down
Jawbreaker – Busy
Egg Hunt – Me And You
Jawbreaker – Equalized

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