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October 6, 2009

how to submit

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How To Submit Recordings For This Podcast

If you are located in Atlanta, Chris will come get it from you!  Just email us at and we’ll be in touch.

How to submit your recording to us depends on what format your recording is in.  Pick your scenario below:

You have cassette tape or CDR. Send us an email to about what you’ve got, and we’ll reply with the snail mail address for you to mail it to.  If you email us your mailing address, we will send you a stamped and addressed envelope that you can use to get your tape to us.

If you have a cassette, we do recommend that you let us do the playback and digitizing.  Dave has a nice up-to-date cassette deck rig for doing exactly this.  If you try to do it, we’d be worried about damaging the tape.  When was the last time you used your cassette deck?  If it’s been a long time, your deck might eat the tape!  We might only get one play out of the tape before it self-destructs (cassette tapes deteriorate over time).  And have you ever digitized an LP or cassette before?  It’s not nearly as easy as ripping a CD.  Let us do it for you.  We’ll will take very good care of your media and we will return it to you!

You have an mp3 file. If it’s smaller than 5 MB or so, you can just email it to us at .  Larger files can be uploaded to us — contact us at for instructions.  You can also burn the mp3 data file to CDR (as data, not audio) and mail it to us per the steps below.

When you send us your recording, please included the following info:

Describe the show/material:


Date originally produced (guess/approx):

Length (guess/approx):


Give us your info so we can credit you and return this to you:






How you knew Thomas / anything you’d like us to mention:

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  1. […] Also, Chris Campbell and I launched yesterday our Peakecast project. It is an ongoing collection of any audio we can scare up from Thomas’ career as a DJ, a music historian, a writer about and compiler of music. We begin with the audio I already published a few weeks ago, and our second episode will be the show Thomas did as a tribute when Witt Mills died in 2000. If you have any recordings of audio from Thomas, please submit it to the show. […]

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