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October 6, 2009

the Thomas shows

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This is an inventory of the shows and recordings that we know Thomas produced.  Consider this is a wishlist of recordings that we are looking for.  If you have something on this list, please consider sharing it with the world.  Submission instructions are in the “how to submit” link in the menu bar above.

Let us know if there’s more that we’ve missed here.


Thomas was a generous and outgoing guy, and we know he made mixtapes for many people.  We do know about the “Bright Lights” compilation and we’ve got that and will be presenting it in this PeakeCast series.  But do you have a mixtape that he made just for you?  Consider sharing it …

Regular radio shows on WREK

Early in his career at WREK, Thomas had a punk rock show called “Throttle”, but his unbounded curiosity about the full spectrum of music led him to equally enjoy just doing regular shifts.  He also occasionally guest hosted on other specialty shows.

Sunday Specials on WREK

Every Sunday night from 7pm to 9pm, WREK lets a DJ (“op”) dedicate a show to a single artist or genre.  Thomas did many of these shows, often on short notice.  Believe it or not, the “live sheets” (written playlists) for all Sunday Special shows have been getting filed into the exact same binder (it’s a big binder by now) at WREK since 1988.  Chris dug through the binder and here is the list of Sunday Special shows that Thomas did — perhaps one these list items jogs your memory about an old tape you’ve got?  Note that these are just the Sunday Specials — this doesn’t include other specialty shows.

1988 :  Felt

1988 :  Jonathan Richman

1989 :  Dag Nasty

1989 :  Berserkeley Records

1989 :  Snakefinger

1989 :  New Cali Punk

1990 :  John Fahey

1990 :  Loren Mazzacane

1991 :  Grant Green (with Heather Kelley)

1991 :  Marion Brown

1991 :  James Chance and the Contortions

1991 :  Atlanta bands

1991 :  Steve Reich

1991 :  Television (with Greg ____)

1991 :  Bill Evans (with Rich Wallace and Eric ____)

1991 :  Pharoah Sanders (2 part show) (with Dugan Trodglen)

1991 :  Universal Congress Of

1993 :  Jeff Greinke

1993 :  Neil Rolnick

1996 :  Mecca Normal

2000 :  Witt Mills R.I.P. (with Shane Pringle, Tony Gordon and Brendan Digel)

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