Peakecast: Thomas Peake Memorial Podcast An audio tribute to a well loved man

October 8, 2023

We are back!

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I am happy to announce that this PeakeCast website is up and running again! It offers up ten unique radio shows that Thomas produced while at WREK, and as you might expect the music is as varied as WREK’s programming itself. Saccharine Trust, Television, Mecca Normal, Loren Mazzacane, Neon Christ, Rock*A*Teens … But most important is that you get to hear Thomas’s happy voice, and hear his love for the music.

Dave and I set this site up in September 2009, and then over the next few years mined the tape archive that Thomas had left behind to produce these new digital versions. The website went down several years ago, and today I have completed restoring it.

The site is still a bit rough around the edges, and I’ll improve it with time, but at least it’s back up.

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Heart, Chris

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